Tales, Triggers and Turnoffs

Arnold Space Hall August 27, 2015 2:00 pm - 2:20 pm

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The power of language is indisputable, and story is what language has led to. The right story composed of the right language is irresistible. Triggers, Tales and Turnoffs details the history of language – from ancient roots to modern marketing- alongside actionable advice on how to improve what you write to bring home bigger and better bids and drive more leads than ever.

This presentation captures the complete picture of communication specific to the marketing context as we know it and connects that to the plot points of individual stories and how they intertwine and convert. It also ties the root of marketing language to general market positioning principles for a practical and educational experience complete with a lesson for all writers and those who hire them. Join us for a jaunt through the history of writing and how it has laid the foundation for content-driven conversion, as well as what outcomes that has led to for modern businesses. 

Takeaways include:
1.     How and When to Leverage Storytelling vs. Direct Sales Messaging for Better Conversion
2.     Trends Surrounding the Changing Role of Content for Conversion in Modern Campaigns
3.     How to Lay the Initial Foundation for All Campaign Content Creation to Better Manage and Measure Results
4.     10 Key Differentiators between B2B and B2C Conversion Methodologies
5.     50 (No typo) Immediate, Actionable, Transformative and Self-Imitating Tactics for Better, Stronger, More Successful, More Powerful Language

Goal of the presentation: This speech encompasses a 360 degree look at crafting content and how that capability ties in to conversion. One of its main intentions is to prove its point by representing the message it portrays about messaging through an active combination of engaging examples, storytelling, speed and tempo changes consistent with the active flow/understanding of language, and historical assessment. The presentation bridges the gap between the art and science of copy with an eye toward conversion.

Daniel J Cohen, Founder, RedShift Writers

Twitter: @mrdancohen